Trinity Christian School
Trinity Christian School (TCS) is an integral, inseparable ministry of Trinity Baptist Church.  TCS is a Baptist school and is Baptistic in doctrine, and stands without apology for the old-time Gospel and the highest principles of Christian leadership, self discipline, individual responsibility, and good citizenship.  We believe that Christian education still works and that it is important to give our children a quality education.  If you would like more information about the school, please contact us at (501) 344-2764.


Our Curriculum
Trinity Christian School offers a Bible-centered, well-rounded, conservative education.  Our school uses the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) curriculum.  It is an individualized system that works with each student at their own pace.  This allows us the opportunity to offer something that most schools cannot.  All of our students see the back of the book in every subject.  Since the system is individualized, there are no gaps in the child’s development.  With the exception of some select classes and chapel, the students are not taught by lectures.  The students are taught to read and directed in a closely supervised environment to read in order to learn.
Financial Information:

Charges for the 2024-2025 school year are as follows:

Registration Fee, non refundable ($300)


For the first child ($2,000)

For the second child ($1,500)

For the third child (no charge)

Book Fee, for a maximum of 60 PACE’s ($400)

Additional PACE’s billed at the rate of $5.00 each at end of year.

Diagnostic Testing Fee ($50) 

Stanford Achievement Test Fee ($100) 

Computer/Technology Fee (E-PACE’S) ($500)

School Insurance ($100)

Uniform Fee ($150)—For 2 sets. $75 each for additional set.

Arkansas Christian School Association and Athletic Fee ($500)

Fine Arts Fee ($300) 

Student Leadership Conference (7-12th Grade) ($200) 

School Picture/Yearbook Fee ($75)

School Leadership
Administrator: Seth Robinson
Principal: Bill Fies
Assistant Principal: Sean Alvis
Our Partners
Arkansas Christian School Association
Trinity Christian School is a member of the Arkansas Christian School Association.  We partner with these school for the purpose of fellowship, student leadership training, athletics, and fine arts competitions.
American Association of Christian Schools
The AACS is an association of state associations—forty state, regional, and international associations working together to provide legislative oversight, to promote high quality Christian education programs, to encourage the goal of producing Christlike young people, and to provide related institutional and personnel services to its constituents. AACS schools are “educating for eternity.”
Trinity Christian School is Accredited by the Southern Plains Association of Christian Schools.