What Don’t You Understand (Part 3)

Let’s finish up our thoughts in Nehemiah chapter 8 today.  We have been discussing the importance of Biblical understanding.  First, there must be a responsible proclaimer.  Then, there must be a reliable proclamation.  Today, let’s discuss the third thing that is necessary for Biblical understanding.  There must be a receptive people. The end of verse 3 says, “…and the ears of all the people were attentive unto the book of the law.” How often is our mind on other things when the man of God is preaching? Have you ever caught yourself daydreaming while the Word of God is being proclaimed? Have you ever been reading the Bible and then stop and think, “Hey, what did I just read?”  I know it has happened to me. I have read entire chapters before and then realized that I had no clue what I just read because my mind was somewhere else.  We must be attentive to what God has for us. We need to ask ourselves often, “What have I learned from God’s Word recently?” We need to pay attention and be people of understanding.
Bro. Seth

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